The Hutton Brickyards is a bucolic one-of-a-kind immersive experience located directly on the majestic Hudson River. This project honors its context and history, while simultaneously embracing the exciting changes now taking place in the Hudson River Valley. Just two hours from New York City, and accessible by almost any means of transportation, the Hutton Brickyards offers you the premier cultural, social, and event space located on the banks of the Hudson River.


At the beginning of the 20th century, brick manufacturing was the preeminent industry on New York’s Hudson River. In fact, it was the largest brick-making region in the world, with over 125 manufacturers employing upwards of 8,000 workers. From 1865 to 1980 The Hutton Brick Works Company operated on the banks of the Hudson, supplying this essential building material for construction projects throughout the Hudson Valley as well New York City— the fastest-growing metropolis in the world.

Hutton’s indispensable contribution to the infrastructure, and in fact, the very existence of New York City—from Yankee Stadium to the Cloisters to the Empire State Building—and its surrounding environs is indisputable. The legacy of the Hutton brick makers lives on today as the current owner, MWest Holdings preserves, restores, and reimagines the Hutton Brickyards as a world class event destination, built to honor the rich history of the site.


In 1865 William Hutton and John Cordts purchased land along the Hudson River. The Hutton Brickyards quickly became a major manufacturer of quality brick, operating continually for more than 100 years (1865 to 1980). Cordts retired in 1887, and Hutton continued on as the president and sole owner until his death in 1897. Although the business prospered through the Industrial Revolution, WWI and WWII, the Hutton family decided to leave the brick industry in the 1960s.

Much of the iconic facilities’ infrastructure has since been dismantled, but a few integral elements remain—including the three steel-frame kiln sheds which were moved to the site from another location in the 1940’s.

These kiln sheds are some of the only surviving examples of brick making architecture in the Hudson Valley region, and serve as an iconic reminder of our manufacturing past.

MWest Holdings is committed to preserving and restoring the last remaining salvageable structures on the site. These structures serve as an indispensable piece of our collective history, and a testimony to the integrity of those who literally build New York City. We are committed to reimagining this formerly blighted industrial site into a majestic park-like gathering space for weddings, concerts, corporate events, and festivals of all sizes.


We are dreaming big for the future. The Hutton Brickyards is truly an experience like no other. Situated on the banks of the Hudson River, the potential of this exceptional location is only limited by one’s imagination. We envision farm-to-table cuisine served at a world-class restaurant with fresh ingredients picked from our farm and garden. Complete with hotel, spa, swimming pools, tennis courts, a marina, and boathouse, the environmentally-friendly and history-rich Hutton Brickyards will be both a stunning and serene escape from the ordinary.